Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in December 2013.

After he passed out, friends sought to curb one man’s excessive drinking through pranking him that he’d been in a coma for 10 years (video below).

YouTuBe prankster Tom Mabe explained his friend, Ray, had just received his fifth DUI and needed to be taught a lesson, Little Things reports.

So, when Ray blacked out, his friends transported him to a space that resembled a hospital room.

“You were drunk driving and there was an accident. You’ve been with us for quite some time. This actually took place in year 2013,” an actor wearing a doctor’s outfit says. “It is now 2023. You’ve been in a coma for the past 10 years.”

Almost immediately Ray asks about his daughter and if she is OK.

His friends went as far as to even produce a fake TV news report to make it more believable, featuring amusing updates, such as that Justin Bieber is married to his gay partner.

When Ray turns on the TV while waiting, his facial expression is one of shock. He doesn’t show much of a strong reaction until the end of the video, when the prank is revealed.

Since then, Mabe uploaded a video of the incident in 2013 that has now gone viral, with many finding it amusing and clever.

Some viewers wish it had ended on a more somber note to really hammer the lesson home.

“My first thought was to tell him that his daughter didn’t make it and he could feel what other families go through due to drunk drivers taking their family members. Taking it over the top may have been just what he needed..not ending this prank with fun and laughter and a slap happy party…He needs to know what is real about it all,” wrote Pamela Perry on Little Things’ Facebook page.

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