How do you feel when you see this wedding photo? You may have wondered how stupid this young man was to marry such a ugly lady.

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But the actual situation is completely different from this, so Zelus365 decided to present this article to you. Let’s start this heartwarming story with his own words.

” I made the choice to marry the woman I loved. I didn’t care about how she looked because I’ve known her for many years. Beyond what I could see, I learned more about her. So I liked it. But my friends and relatives didn’t get what was going on.

” We had a very difficult time period, during one of the most important times in our lives. We had a wonderful wedding day although the negative comments. We did not care what others thought. During one of the most critical periods in our lives, I received a great deal of criticism.”

” Things became worse when our wedding photograph appeared online. We heard many bad things about the picture. Internet users did not feel sorry for her, and everyone said she was the ugliest bride in the world.” “But we kept loving each other, and our honeymoon was fantastic.

After that, we hide for six years from the world, and everyone forget about us. We lived in a small town away from the big cities and built a lovely home where we lived together, still very much in love.”

After six years, a reporter for Russian newspaper suddenly thought of the couple and went looking for them. He found this wonderful couple after much hard work. The reporter was shocked to see how much the bride had changed in those six years. She had undergone a complete metamorphosis and looked nothing like her old self.

How do you deal with this?” The reporter had significant concerns about her. She went through each step of how she takes care of her appearance. “He didn’t have a problem with how I looked. But I had a great sadness in my heart that others laughed at him for my appearance. I determined to do well in this race.”

“I changed the way I lived to lose weight. I did a lot of physical exercises and maintained a healthy diet. I had many surgical procedures, including liposuction. Liposuction is a common procedure for patients who desire to reduce weight rapidly.”

“I had many additional treatments such as facial improvement and placement of hair plugs. But the most important thing is the love my husband gave me.”

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