Cher, without any shame about her age, began a love relationship with a younger guy. It became known that the 77-year-old star began a relationship with 37-year-old singer Alexander Edwards.

From that moment on, everyone was discussing them on the Internet and many of them believed that the relationship would end.

The unique couple didn’t seem interested in these comments. They recently appeared together in public on the red carpet.

Cher wore a dark blue jumpsuit with a jacket of the same shade. Makeup complemented the star’s look.

Her lover was dressed completely in black. They were the center of attention and Internet users noted how tenderly they looked at each other and hugged.

Many loyal fans were delighted that despite the age difference they look great together. But as always, there are haters who criticize them.

During one of the interviews, she said that they feel happy together. They even have plans to go on a trip together.

It seems like they have a great relationship and there is no need to be jealous.

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