In rural Missouri, thousands make pilgrimages to see Sister Wilhemina Lancaster, a Catholic nun who passed away in 2019 at age 95. What makes this unusual is that her body has shown minimal decay since her passing.

Sister Wilhemina was laid to rest in a wooden casket without embalming, contrary to common practice. However, when her remains were examined by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles Monastery in Gower, they were astonished to find her nearly intact. A sister recalled, “We were told to expect just bones.”

This phenomenon aligns with Catholic beliefs of “incorruptible saints” whose bodies resist decomposition, a sign of their connection to Christ. Over 100 such cases have received recognition.

In addition to her well-preserved body, Sister Wilhemina’s clothing and belongings were found remarkably intact, contrasting with the synthetic coffin lining. A wax mask was created to preserve her appearance.

Thousands now visit the chapel to witness this miraculous preservation. While some consider it a miracle, others remain skeptical.

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