Rodrigo, now known as Jessica Alves, had 74 surgeries to achieve her dream😭😫On vacation, the blonde showed her rounded hips in a bikini, causing mixed reactions😬🙄

Many people know model Jessica Alves well, especially when she was known as Rodrigo Alves. She recently decided to take a break from the 74 surgeries she had to get the look of her dreams․ She dreamed of being a desirable and luxurious blonde, and this of course cost a lot of financial and emotional difficulties.

Jessica asserted with assurance that she is the only lady a man could hope to find. She was shown in a little bikini showcasing her rounded figures. But, not everyone on the Internet favored her appearance following these images.

She was lauded for her extraordinary beauty and uniqueness, but many people did not understand why she changed so much that she lost her appeal.

Users are certain that she did everything for fame and money. They are curious as to what her parents think of the alterations.
The general consensus was very mixed; while some were enamored with her attractiveness, many others were dissatisfied in how drastically she had altered her appearance and even worried about her health.

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