This has been a terrible year for news anchors as several of them have lost their lives without warning. Among these deceased professionals is former Fox News anchor Uma Pemmaraju who appeared on the air for Fox News back when it launched in 1993 – and she was the first Indian American news anchor to land a job with a national news network.

Pemmaraju lost her life back on August 8, at the young age of just sixty-four years old. Although her family did not confirm the cause of the anchor’s death, her daughter, Kirina Alana Devi, did a post on social media about the anchor’s untimely demise. In the social media post, the deceased’s daughter wrote that her mother was her “very best friend” and a very good person who will be sorely missed by her loved ones.

In the social media update, Devi shared several pictures of her beautiful mother along with a video in which the mother tells her daughter, “I love you always, and you’re always in my heart.”

Devi wrote the following caption as a tribute to her mother, who passed away in August.

“Words cannot express how deeply devastated I am to have lost you. Your bravery, kindness, and all of the laughter & light you filled every moment with have inspired me in every sense – You taught me everything I know and have always been my rock no matter what has come our way.”

Then Devi told her mother, “I know you are at peace now with the angels.” The daughter then told her mother just how much she loved her and would miss her now that she was gone from this world.

She wrote, “I will do everything I can to make you proud. I love you tons and tons big much, mommy. I am truly lucky to be your daughter. You are my heart.”

Because Pemmaraju made such a positive impact during her time with Fox News, Fox CEO Susanne Scott shared an update statement following the cherished news anchor’s death.

“We are deeply saddened by the death of Uma Pemmaraju, who was one of FOX News Channel’s founding anchors and was on the air the day we launched.” She added, “Uma was an incredibly talented journalist as well as a warm and lovely person, best known for her kindness to everyone she worked with.”

Fans of the Fox News presenter shared how much they were going to miss her in the form of comments on Devi’s Instagram post.

“I loved your mom very much. God bless you and your family. She talked about you all the time and how proud she was of you, Kirina.”

“She was absolutely incredible, as are you. Sending you all the love and light in the world.”

“May her memory always be a blessing — so so sorry for your loss, so much love to you.”

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