Tattoo enthusiast King Of Inkland King Body Art has shared an unrecognisable before photo.
Credit: @king_b0dy_art/Instagram

‘Britain’s most tattooed man’ has stunned fans by sharing an unrecognisable photo from before he began his transformation.

Tattoos have the potential to totally transform someone’s look.

This is what makes it so fascinating to see what the most inked people in the world looked like before they went under the needle.

We’ve already gawped at the before images of the mum with over 800 inkings, Australia’s most tattooed model, and, of course, the infamous ‘Black Alien’.

But now, ‘Britain’s most tattooed man’ has shared his own unrecognisable picture from before he gained his title…

Matthew Whelan, also known as ‘King Of Inkland King Body Art’, isn’t just tatted.

He’s a fan of other forms of body modification, telling his social media fans (as per the Mirror): “I alter my body, that is well established.”

However, his extreme look has been causing him issues with his health.

He explains: “My transdermal Implant (not micro dermal skin nip) surgical procedure is and has always been a 24/7 open wound and from time to time can bleed, get inflamed, scab, or seep plasma.

“I don’t believe it to be an infection however the body is trying to heal an unwarranted hole punctured in it and a foreign object (titanium disc and body jewellery) so it could just be the body mod version period just that time of the month.

King Of Inkland King Body Art
King Of Inkland King Body Art has revealed what he looked like before his tattoo transformation. Credit: @king_b0dy_art/Instagram

“Jokes aside ladies I know some of you suffer really bad in those.

“I will be OK and if I’m not I’ll go down in history like Jack Daniels, some monarch from many centuries ago, and some other people dying from an unusual circumstance.”

Alongside his multiple tattoos, Whelan has also dyed the whites of both of his eyes black, removed his nipples to make room for tattoos, carved ‘teeth marks’ into his ears and split his tongue in half.

He’s also legally changed his name to ‘King Of Inkland King Body Art’.

But what’s really got fans of the tattoo enthusiast talking are some recent throwback snaps he recently posted on Instagram.

In one, he captions a picture of himself flexing his muscles with: “This is a throwback to the time of my skin only having one #tattoo I was in better condition back then too and would have probably been on the wrestling team had we had one in high school.

“Sporting off a British Bulldog on my right arm at the age of 16!”

One fan comments: “Hardly recognised you lol!”

In another shocking before picture, he writes the caption: “WHO [duck]-ing HECK IS THIS?

“This foreign-looking guy was found in Cypress back in 1998 or 1999 can’t actually remember just one of the many different faces of myself before the face #tattoos. I was not a plain skin I had my 1st possibly 2nd and even 3rd #tattoo by this time.”

King Of Inkland King Body Art before.

King Of Inkland King Body Art before.
This is what King Of Inkland King Body Art looked like before his tattoo and body modification transformation. Credit: @king_b0dy_art/Instagram

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