Kerry Pugh was a mom of three kids and she was 48 years old. Two years ago, she got very sick with cervical cancer because the doctors made a mistake. They told her that her test was okay, but it wasn’t.

Back in 2017, Kerry started feeling sick and noticed some strange bleeding. She went to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in Cheltenham to find out what was wrong, but they couldn’t figure it out.

In June 2018, Kerry felt even worse. Her tummy was bloated and she went for a special checkup for cervical cancer. She worked in a store and was a busy mom, but she made time for this important test. Sadly, the doctors told her everything was fine, even though the test showed something was wrong.

Later that year, Kerry’s sickness got worse. She was bleeding in a way she shouldn’t and had pain in her lower back. The doctors did more tests and found out she had stage four cancer. They did a special picture of her insides, called an MRI scan, and saw a really big tumor, bigger than a tennis ball.

The tumor was so big, the doctors couldn’t remove it with surgery. Kerry had to have a different operation and got treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But it was too late. Kerry fought hard, but she passed away in June 2022 when she was 48.

After Kerry passed away, the hospital where she had her test checked everything again. They found out that her test actually showed some serious problems, not normal results like they first said.

Stephen Pugh, Kerry’s husband, was very sad and worried about what happened. He wanted to know if the doctors could have found the cancer earlier. He talked to lawyers to see if they could do something about it. Stephen, who works with computers, also wanted other women to know about the signs of this sickness, so they could catch it early.

Stephen said that even though Kerry was in a lot of pain, she stayed strong, especially for their kids. He said she was everything to him and they all miss her so much.

Kerry had been careful and went to her checkups because she knew she could get sick. Before, she even had some treatments to keep her healthy. But in June 2018, her test results didn’t show the real problem.

When she got sicker in November, she went to see a doctor again. They did another test, but even that didn’t show how serious her sickness was.

Stephen’s lawyer, Eleanor Giblin, said they were trying really hard to understand what happened and if the doctors could have found the cancer sooner. They were getting help from other medical experts to look into it. Eleanor said it’s still important for people to go to their checkups because finding sickness early can save lives.

Dr. John Jones from the hospital said they were there to help answer any questions about what happened to Kerry.

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