Melissa Sloan, the mum with over 800 tattoos, has shared new photos of what she looks like with them covered up.
Credit: Melissa Sloan via Facebook
Melissa Sloan, the mum with over 800 tattoos, has covered up her ink and looks unrecognisable. 

You’ve heard of Australia’s most tatted model, the infamous ‘Black Alien’, and ‘Britain’s most inked woman’, but you may not have seen the British mum who has over 800 inkings – many of them on her face.

Melissa Sloan is a self-proclaimed tattoo addict.

But she’s covered up her facial tattoos for a viral photograph, and she looks totally different…

Sloan claims she’s spent around 10 years working on her extreme look, as per the Daily Star.

She says she gets around three inkings a week, either at home or in her van.

This is even though five of her seven children reportedly no longer have contact with her as a result of her obsessive body modification.

However, her youngest children who still live with her are huge fans of her look.

Melissa Sloan
Melissa Sloan is a self-proclaimed tattoo addict. Credit: Melissa Sloan via Facebook

Sloan covered up her tattoos for a photograph, and her children and dogs were not happy with her new look.

In her first escapade into tattoo covering, she explained in an interview with the Daily Star: “It took me ages. I bought one [foundation] for £3 and thought I’d try it that way.

“I put it on for about half an hour and when I went downstairs the kids freaked out because they didn’t like it.

“And my partner looked twice he said ‘No, it doesn’t suit you. Get your tattoos back, it looks weird’. They burst out crying and even my dog looked twice.

“She didn’t like me that way, my youngest wanted me back as I was. It scared her.”

Sloan claims she wanted a challenge, but her lack of tattoos actually ended up ‘scaring’ her kids! She also claims it took ’24 hours’ to remove the long-lasting and thick foundation.

Melissa Sloan
Melissa Sloan claims she’s spent over 10 years working on her look. Credit: Melissa Sloan via Facebook

She adds: “These trolls say to me my kids are scared but they are scared of me with my foundation on. People don’t realise that they are small-minded.”

In spite of the negative reactions to her initial transformation, Sloan decided to try out the look again – but this time, she kept her kids at bay to avoid frightening them.

“They said ‘Go back to your craziness mum’, none of them spoke to me. It didn’t go well. It wasn’t the same, it’s like they were looking at a different person, a stranger,” she tells the Daily Star in a new interview.

Sloan explains: “When it came off again, they were back to normal – it should have been the other way round.”

“I’ve got proper tattoo foundation now. I had to put it on thick, I used half a tub. It was like thick cement, really thick.”

Sloan’s more natural look went down well with viewers, who ‘said I look better with makeup’.

However, the mum won’t be convinced.

“It’s my life at the end of the day, I can just swap and change,” she says. “People said I looked beautiful the way I was before – but I like it crazy.”

Melissa Sloan
Melissa Sloan says her children prefer her with her tattoos. Credit: Melissa Sloan via Facebook

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