“97% Of His Body Is Covered In Tattoos”: What Did The Guy Look Like Before He Got His First Tattoo?

Remy Schofield (real name Jeremy Schofield) has covered 97% of his body with tattoos, spending an astronomical sum of money on them. Schofield himself noted that there’s no more space left for new designs. He surprised everyone by sharing a photo from his teenage years.

He quotes: “Currently, I have two sessions per week. Overall, over the past 7 years, they have become very few. Before, I used to go to the tattoo salon up to 5 times a week. I believe that at the moment I am the most tattooed person in the world, by a very large margin,” proudly emphasized the Canadian.” More and more people around the world are opting for tattoos. For many years, tattoos carried negative connotations, often associated with the criminal environment as a lasting “souvenir” of prison sentences.

Fortunately, tattoos have evolved over time to be seen as forms of self-expression or reminders of important people or events in life. One of the individuals with the most tattoos in the world is Jeremy Schofield from Canada.

Over several years of working on his body, the 36-year-old Remy has spent over 2200 hours and nearly CAD 415,000, equivalent to over 20 million Russian rubles. Apart from most of his face and hands, his body is nearly entirely covered in black ink.

“Remy,” as he calls himself, creates designs on his skin based on pre-set templates. His tattoo collection includes skulls, flowers, body parts, and various creatures, among other things. His passion for body modification led him to completely change his career path. A former chef, he decided to open his own studio, using himself as a living advertisement.

Schofield regularly posts photos of his work on social media. He has gathered a following of over 80,000 users who follow his subsequent tattoos. Unexpectedly, he recently posted a photo taken in 2007, just before his passion for tattoos began.

Remy emphasized that despite his controversial appearance, he hears no negative comments directed at him personally, with any criticism coming solely from online sources. Some people on the street even ask him for autographs and joint photos.

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