Englishman Reilly Stancombe first sat in a barber’s chair when he was 9 years old. During this time, he was able to grow hair that any girl would envy. They reached half a meter, while they look healthy and silky. As Riley’s mother, Daisy Kenny, admits, she had long hair as a child, and when it reached her shoulders, she first saw footballer Gareth Bale.

The man is known for his long hair, which he puts neatly in a bun. Because of him, Reilly decided to grow more hair. Daisy tried to convince her son to cut his hair for a long time, but he flatly refused. But one day he decides to cut his hair. She had an impressive haircut at the barbershop and donated her long hair to children with health problems.

The guy was invited to the Good Morning Britain program, where he admitted that his hair was already too long and decided that he should combine business with pleasure, freeing himself from unnecessary worries about hair care and giving it to children who need it. after. The society was surprised by the majesty of the little boy.  Reilly is happy with her new haircut.

He was very surprised that his hair was so long, he thought it was much shorter.

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