“I am filled with guilt, but the truth had to come out. Imagine finding out your daughter is involved in an affair and then learning she has continued to deceive you about it. This was my harsh reality, and the choices I made in response have completely altered our lives. Now, I wrestle with the doubt of whether I have failed as a mother.”

“My daughter, Amy, who is a single mother of two, had her marriage crumble when she found out her husband was unfaithful. I believed that her own experience with betrayal would deter her from ever breaking up another family. I was mistaken.”

“A few months back, she revealed to me that she was romantically involved with her best friend Martha’s husband, Stan. I felt crushed and betrayed that my daughter would do such a thing to her closest friend, especially since Martha had recently given birth.”

“I thought my heartfelt discussions had convinced Amy to end her relationship with Stan and to eventually come clean to Martha. I naively trusted her when she assured me the affair was over.”

“However, recent developments have completely shattered my trust. I’ve been thrust into making a heart-wrenching decision. Now, I question, ‘Am I a bad mother for what I’ve done?’”


“When Amy promised to break it off with Stan, I was relieved, hoping this distressing episode was nearing its end. Amy ceased mentioning Stan and even started seeing someone new, which led me to believe she had changed her ways.”

“However, last Friday, when Amy dropped off my grandchildren before heading out on a vacation, I realized she was leaving in Martha’s car driven by Stan. My heart sank as I watched them drive away.”

“I understood then that Amy had deceived me and maintained her relationship with Stan despite her promises. That evening, I couldn’t sleep, haunted by the implications of Amy’s actions on everyone involved.”

“The next day, Martha posted a loving birthday message to Stan online, which Amy hypocritically commented on, declaring her love for the couple. Overwhelmed by the duplicity, I felt compelled to act.”

“Instead of confronting Amy, I decided it was essential to inform Martha directly, face-to-face. I met her after her yoga class and disclosed everything.”

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