Kathie Lee Gifford recently shared an Instagram post of her grandson in the stroller, looking adorable with chubby cheeks. Fans couldn’t help but share their thoughts about his strong resemblance to his grandfather. Many flocked to Kathie’s comments section and complimented the baby.

“I didn’t think anyone could look more like Frank Gifford than Cody, but then along came Frankie, but now I look at Ford and I see him more than ever,” one fan wrote. “This man has got some kind of titanium genetic code.”

“Yes, I agree you see Frank Gifford in his grandson’s,” another agreed. “Oh my goodness! Those handsome genes are strong! Looks SO much like his Daddy and Granddaddy!!” a third echoed.

Sadly, Kathie’s husband, football star Frank Gifford, wasn’t able to see his grandchildren. The older Frank passed away in 2015 due to natural causes. He was 84 at that time.

This wasn’t the first time Kathie shared a glimpse of her grandson on social media. Kathie previously introduced her grandson to the world with Instagram pictures of him after birth. She also revealed his name, Ford Matthew Gifford. She wrote:

“Thank you God for this beautiful blessing. Bubbe already loves you so much Ford [sic].”

A few weeks back, she shared an adorable video playing with her little one. While he was seated on her lap, she was smiling and talking to him. “This is happiness,” she wrote. Kathie also sometimes shares snaps of her other grandchild, Ford’s brother, on Instagram.

Besides her grandchildren, Kathie Lee Gifford is a doting mother to Cassidy and Cody Gifford. Cody and his wife, Erika Gifford, first made the actress a grandmother in 2022, when Frank Michael Gifford, named after his late grandfather, was born. The couple later welcomed another child, Ford Matthew.

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