While body art used to be seen as rebellious or eccentric, nowadays it’s becoming more and more commonplace.

In fact, these days it’s rare to find someone whose body isn’t adorned with a little ink.

Tattoos seem to have an ever-increasing popularity, and with such beautiful designs and heartfelt meanings on offer, it’s not hard to see why people are tempted to go under the needle.

But this week, one particular tattoo has the internet feeling confused.

A woman shared an image of what seemed to be a rather innocent pineapple design.

However, upon discovering the secret meaning behind the tattoo, social media is in shock.

“Oh my god – a near miss!” one commenter wrote.

Another added: “People aren’t stunned… they’re judgemental!”

The tattoo enthusiast in question shared her ink with the ‘What I Asked For VS What I Got’ Facebook group.

The cartoon fruit was deliberately placed upside down on the woman’s lower back.

She captioned the viral post: “When you know, you know.”

People in the comments quickly started trying to discover the secret, very saucy meaning of the tattoo.

pineapple tattoo
People are stunned after discovering the meaning of a woman’s pineapple tattoo. Credit: Facebook

It turns out, the upside-down pineapple is a secret symbol of something a little scandalous!

In fact, according to Men’s Health, an upside-down pineapple is actually a signifier for members of the swinging community.

As per Urban Dictionary: “The pineapple represents hospitality and welcoming.

“A pineapple is placed on a porch or mailbox by swingers to signify that a swinger party is going on. A pineapple is turned upside down when a person is in search of a swinger party.”

The definition goes on: “Originally it was turned upside down in the individual’s shopping cart. But pineapple popularity has made it accepted on clothes and other items.

“Swingers use this symbol to identify each other in public.”

And it seems as though the swinger community is pushing the symbol’s popularity. The hashtag #upsidedownpineapple currently has over 360 million views on TikTok.

Upon discovering the hidden meaning of the pineapple tattoo, people went wild in the Facebook comments.

Some rather judgemental folk were quick to criticise the swinging community as a whole.

However, the original poster is quick to defend both her tattoo and her lifestyle. “Daaamn my tattoo has people TRIGGERED,” she jokes.

Others also spoke up in defence of the original poster: “Here I’m thinking it’s about infertility and it’s a train ride instead. More power to you!” one writes.

Another laughs: “And here I’ve been for the last 10 years wearing a pineapple dress to work and teaching young kids. No idea it meant this! I’m horrified. (No disrespect to those that swing, just not my cup of tea!)”

While another commenter speaks out in support of the swinging community as a whole. “People always are so shocked and horrified when I tell them what it means as if it’s a crime of the century. We’re all consenting adults, right?”

We guess they have a point!

Nonetheless, we highly recommend researching the hidden meaning of any seemingly innocuous tattoo ideas before putting them onto your body. After all, we’ve heard they’re pretty permanent …

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