Twila, a retiree from The Woodlands, Texas, chose a different and affordable retirement plan by living in a custom-built tiny home.

She and her husband downsized from their traditional 3-bedroom house to a tiny home in East Tennessee after retiring at 62 and a half.

They wanted a simpler life with less home maintenance, and now they’re living their dream.

They found Incredible Tiny Homes on YouTube and started planning their new home. They sketched it on paper and, after paying for it, saw it come to life in four months.

Their 10×8 home, customized with special windows and lighting, cost around $56,000. It’s in ‘The Forest’ community, one of four communities of Incredible Tiny Homes.

Living in ‘The Forest’ costs them $225 monthly for their lot, including water and sewer. Additional costs like electricity and internet add about $125 per month.

This affordable lifestyle lets them live near the Smoky Mountains, a dream come true for Twila.

Their tiny home is a 10×8 freedom-style house with a copper metal roof and skirting. They chose flat log siding and applied polyurethane for a shiny finish and wood protection.

The house has a custom 4×4 window in the living area and a mini-split air conditioning unit to save space.

Twila and her husband built a small shed for extra kitchen storage and a chest freezer, essential for her baking hobby.

They also have a deck with chairs and a fire pit, plus a 6×6 storage shed that matches their home.

Their outdoor space includes an outdoor kitchen with a grill, gas grill, and smoker, perfect for cooking Texas briskets.

Embracing the tiny home lifestyle, they spend time outdoors, reconnecting with nature and the basics of life.

Inside, the living area is both an entertainment and business center. A mini Cube fireplace provides warmth and ambiance.

The kitchen, equipped with a stove and oven, is spacious enough for both to cook comfortably. Twila’s passion for baking is evident in her well-utilized kitchen.

The bathroom features a 36-inch shower, a regular flushing toilet, and a tankless water heater for instant hot water.

The home includes a stackable washer and dryer for efficient clothes drying.

The stairs leading to the loft move, providing easy access to large appliances. The loft is their bedroom, with enough headroom to sit up comfortably.

While Twila wishes they had added a second dormer for more light and space, she’s content with their cozy sleeping area.

Living in a tiny home has simplified their lives, reducing maintenance and letting them enjoy each day to the fullest.

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