Wife Finds Hidden Door behind Bedroom Mirror, She Steps In and Gets Trapped — Story of the Day

Emma and Mark moved into a bigger house, and Emma discovered something strange while cleaning around. It was a secret room with a two-way mirror, but then she saw something no one wants to witness.

“This house might be a bit old, but it’ll be great for our child. It’s a nice neighborhood. We need to fix it up, and it’ll be perfect. What do you think, Mark?” Emma asked her husband while the realtor smiled at them.

“Yeah, I guess it’s fine. It’s a good deal. We’ll take it,” Mark said. He wasn’t particularly excited about it, but at least Emma wouldn’t keep nagging about moving to a bigger place. Mark was also less than pleased about his coming child, but that was another issue.

They moved in a month later after all the paperwork had gone through. Emma started unpacking and cleaning slowly throughout the house because she was 5 months pregnant and needed to take things slow.


She began with the master bedroom, where she had fallen in love with the mounted mirror on the wall. It was huge and reached the floor. She had never seen something like it before. It’s almost like a doorway, Emma thought.

But it needed a good scrub, so she got to work. Suddenly, she noticed a little nub on the side of the mirror and pulled it. “OH!” she almost screamed. The mirror opened. “It IS a doorway!” she said out loud. “This is crazy!”

The previous owner had actually mounted the mirror into a discreet doorway. We would have never discovered this! It’s like a movie! she thought. The realtor had not informed them about it either. But Emma needed to check it out.

She opened the door a bit and used her phone’s flashlight to see inside. It was tiny, and there was a chair in the corner. But then she looked at the back of the door and noticed the other side of a two-way mirror. Whoever built this house must have wanted to spy on the people in the master bedroom.

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